��?The Fryeburg Fair is held annually in October. Check http://www.fryeburgfair.com

��?Visit the Alpaca's and Ragdoll cats at Foss Mountain. http://fossmtnfarm.com located in Eaton. A fun place for the kids, its a small farm and can be HARD TO FIND....be sure to call ahead and get directions from Lana Nickerson, one of the owner's.

��?Did you know that Fryeburg is home to one of the finest schools in the country? Visit Fryeburg Academy at http://www.fryeburgacademy.org. Their beautiful grounds are located in town on Main Street/Route 302.

��?Story Land is located nearby on Route 16 in Glen, NH. See them at http://www.storylandnh.com. Fun for the family, with the primary ages for enjoyment of 2-12.

��?Are you looking for a new toy? Like a snowmobile or 4 wheel atv?? check out Town and Country located in Conway...just 7 miles from KLS...check them out at: http://www.townandcountry.com. Don't be alarmed if they are grouchy-that's just THEM!...they have terrific prices and everything that you probably need. They also sell Woodstoves and have a nice gift shop.

��?Webster's Store....just 6 miles from KLS...and the closest store...last chance for bread and beer/milk!. It is also known as "Jessie's" to the locals. They offer a wide array of products, to include groceries, beer, newspapers, nh lottery, and fishing tackle and bait. They are open everyday, hours vary. Tell them you are from KLS...

��?Settlers Green, The Maine Mall... Route 16 in North Conway. Everything you could possibly need...and more. Its 20 minutes...follow East Conway straight, take a right at the Conway Police Station, go past Wal-Mart and Shaw's (if you can!), take a right onto Route 16...there you will find all your outlets and more.

��?Zeb's General Store, The Penquin Shop, The Met cafe etc... All located further down @4 miles on Route 16. You must check out Zeb's, they have it all.

��?The Basin.. Emerald Pool... Pack a lunch, load up the family and head up Route 113. (take a right out of KLS, a left onto 113 at the Fire Station)...and just keep driving...at the Stow Store..(little yellow building on left)...grab awesome pastries or an ice cream...and then head straight (or to the right-they come out the same place),....and head into the National Forest...Watch for the Basin signs, or stop in at the Ranger station for Hiking information. Bring your camera, or you will be sorry. Just gorgeous views. Emerald Pool is great on a hot day for its monsterous ledge jumping into the cold water in the pool. Great fun, and worth the hike!